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About the IEC


Established in 1992, the Mid-South IEC is a trade association composed of more than 110 total members. The Mid-South IEC is the premier trade association representing the Memphis areas’ independent electrical and low voltage contractors. The Mid-South IEC aggressively works with the industry to establish a competitive environment for the merit shop - a philosophy that promotes the concept of free enterprise, open competition and economic opportunity for all.


For more than 50 years, the National Independent Electrical Contractors Association, which is located in Alexandria VA, has faced the challenges imposed by the changing world of the electrical and systems industry. The National IEC supports over 60 chapters nation wide in a myriad of benefits. 






The association serves as the voice of the electrical and low voltage contracting industry on policies affecting its membership. IEC attempts to further the growth of our economy, providing skilled manpower, and promoting the principles of free enterprise.

The mission of the IEC is:

To enhance the independent electrical contractor’s success by developing a professional workforce, communicating clearly with government, promoting ethical business practices, and providing leadership for the electrical industry.

To fulfill this mission, IEC serves the following areas:


IEC member companies are small but professional businesses


87% of IEC member companies report less than 50 employees.


IEC member companies do all types of electrical work

Although commercial and residential work predominates, IEC members do institutional, industrial, utility, and service work all over West Tennessee, Northern Mississippi and Eastern Arkansas


IEC member companies are well established

73% of IEC Companies were formed before 1980 with the earliest established in 1893.


37,800 people are represented by IEC Nationally

Company employees of IEC members number 37,872 from information gathered from the member survey. This is approximately 15% of the independent electrical workers in the nation. This allows for national and state representation on important legislative issues.



Hiring of employees


The chapter maintains applications of individuals that are interested in developing a career within the electrical and low voltage community. These applications are only made available to the IEC contractor members.

Applications are maintained for only 60 days, thus giving its members the most current listing of potential employees.





Networking through IEC forums, a group of non-competing members who share "best practices" in a confidential atmosphere Networking = an instance when a fellow IEC member is offered a job in your area /or vice versa he or she allows and trusts your business judgment in ascertaining customer needs.



In addition


IEC has a dedicated professional national staff, Board of Directors and Standing Committees that are committed to improving and protecting the interests of Independent Electrical Contractors.