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We take pride in delivering exceptional services to our members and apprentices. Take a moment to read what people are saying about the Mid-South IEC.


You are welcomed to submit a testimonial on your experience with the Mid-South IEC. A simple way to submit one is to click here for a easy to complete testimonial form.



"Thank you for supporting the Mid-South IEC"




The Mid-south IEC has been a huge asset to our organization. As a former apprentice to a business leader, it has given me the tools to continue to strive for success. They are led by a great Executive Director and the office staff is always so helpful. They reply and help in a very quick and professional manner to any question we might have and I personally believe they care about the success of our team and business as much as I do. It has been a great pleasure doing business with them and I look forward to many more years of them helping us grow our team and our business.


Nathan Harmeier

President, Above and Beyond Electric





The Mid-South IEC has given us superior apprentice training and contractor support as well as trade specific networking and opportunities.


Sam Haynie

President, AC Electric





We have been an associate member of IEC since approximately 2000. We rent the class room to teach our students. I have worked closely with the IEC staff and associated with many of the students while teaching at the school. My nephew went through the IEC 4 year apprenticeship program two years ago and is now a very successful electrician. The staff at IEC is one of the most professional groups of men and women I have ever had the privilege to be associated with, they are truly dedicated to the successful mission of the IEC. I have watched the school triple in the number of apprentices it teaches each year as well as expand into several other fields of training. The staff has always supported us as an "Associate Member" and has contributed to our success in the Memphis area. They are a very professional group to work with. Thanks for all the many years of support; we appreciate all you do for us and the community!


William Ross

Senior Technical Instructor, American Home Inspectors Training Institute





The Mid-South IEC continues to be an excellent avenue for the education of Datacomm's Technicians. The IEC also provides me with a valuable forum to discuss issues common to many of my competitors in a neutral environment.

We value our membership and hope to continue to work with IEC members to improve the industry as a whole.


Chuck Jennings

Owner, Datacomm Services





We have encouraged our employees for years to the IEC’s Apprenticeship Program when they begin to choose to start with the electrical profession. Not only does IEC put its students in real life electrical environments it teaches them the teamwork that it takes to be a good leader and apprentice. In the past 10 years, we have only had one not graduate. We had one that dropped out and then rejoined and graduated. The experience they get in class is hands on and applies to the jobs they have chosen to do in their everyday life. What a way to make a statement to a company. Our apprentices show us that they are interested in becoming a top notch electricians and come out with the certification and knowledge that they need. I would say that this is the best for the Employee and Employer. This is a case where we both win.


Cindi Atkins

Controller / Accountant, Ellendale Electric





After having two men graduate from the apprenticeship program, I can attest to the value of the education, "hands on" training and interaction with other apprentices offered by the program. The program produces an intelligent, motivated, well rounded electrician ready to work in the Trade of their choice.


Steve Slover

Owner, G&S Electrical Services





The Mid-South IEC has greatly helped our agency to build and maintain relationships with our clients as well as other members of the IEC. It's also given us greater knowledge and appreciation for the work they do.


Alex Mathis

Vice-President, Menard, Gates and Mathis





I appreciate the ability to train our new help in the apprenticeship program.


Abe Rice

MVR Electric





Quality education is an integral part of success; the Mid-South IEC has provided that key element in the training of our electrical apprentices. They are proven winners!


Anita Haines

President, Pyramid Electric





One of the most gratifying elements of our investment in the IEC is watching employees transition through education, training and experience from possessing an hourly job to building a vital career. Seeing young families return to the office with their children is a visible reminder of the intangible investment in the Mid-South IEC.


Brian Haines

Vice-President, Pyramid Electric





Working with IEC contractor members has always been a pleasant experience. The level of professionalism and the quality of their reputations has always been excellent. We are proud to be a partner with the IEC!


Tim Netherton

Rhodes Sales Agency





IEC has helped in meeting electrical contractors and meeting new contacts at the "Memphis Trade Show"


Jeff Demars

Sales Manager, RP Power





It has been a pleasure being a member of the IEC! Over the years we have witnessed superb support of apprentices, attended informative meetings on countless topics from politics to safety & how it affects our work place, great involvement in the community, and extreme dedication of the staff. We at SBox are proud to support such a fine organization as the Mid-South IEC.


Sharon Morris

Operations Manager, SBox Storage





The IEC has been a great place to meet and partner with Members and associate members. You think you’re going there for business but you end up going to see friend and partners in business. The apprenticeship school means the training of young men who now have a chance to have a great career and maybe become business owners one day, that’s why we support our local IEC. GREAT JOB GUYS!! Keep up the great work you’re doing.


David Prince

Sales, Sunstate Equipment





Thomas & Betts recognizes that the Mid-South IEC plays a significant role in the development of first class electrical apprentices. Thomas & Betts benefits from the Mid-South IEC’s strong relationships with electrical contractors, associate members, apprentices, code officials, and local governmental officials.


David Kendall

Director – Industry Affairs, Thomas & Betts