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*We are currently scheduling BICSI courses for 2021. If you are an IEC Contractor Member and would like to send your employees through the BICSI courses, please call Melissa at the IEC Office to be added to the waiting list.*1


BICSI is the worldwide preeminent source of information, education and knowledge assessment for the constantly evolving information transport systems industry.

The Mid-South IEC Chapter is a certified BICSI Authorized Training Facility. With this certification comes the opportunity to bring to the Mid-South area the availability to teach three specific levels of BICSI certifications. The three certifications the IEC is authorized to teach and to certify individuals is the:

  • IN225 Installer Level II (Copper Training)

  • N250 Installer Level II (Fiber Training)

  • TE350 Technician Training

For Information on course pricing please click here.

The Difference in the BICSI Courses held at the IEC


The Difference in the BICSI courses offered here at the IEC then other BICSI training facilities is that we teach the courses with you in mind. Meaning how we manage the required hours for the BICSI courses is a little different than most.


The BICSI courses are 40 hours in length. However we have learned many of our BICSI students cannot be pulled out of the field for five consecutive business days to attend this type of training. Therefore we teach the 40 hours BICSI courses over two consecutive weekends. The first 20 hours are taught on a Friday and Saturday and the next 20 hours are taught the following Friday and Saturday. This way you can receive your BICSI certifications and only miss two days of work.

Quality Training


The Mid-South IEC’s BICSI Trainer holds the RCDD, NTS and OSP certifications.


Below is everything that you need to get started to become BICSI certified. Please contact the Mid-South IEC for additional specifics of the training programs and certifications.

BICSI Informational Flyer

IN225 - BICSI Installer Level II - Copper Training 

IN250 - BICSI Installer Level II - Fiber Training 

TE350 - BICSI Technician Level Training 



Check out our YouTube page for even more information and testimonials.

training center

Check out photos from our training facility. 

apprentice job description

Check out the job description for an electrical apprentice.

Apprentice brochure

Check out a downloadable and printable apprentice brochure.

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